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  • Hypnotherapy, also known as hypnosis or remedial hypnosis, is an interesting and growing field. The number of individuals wanting to live more stress free and healthy lifestyles is increasing annually because of the positive benefits it provides. Being a multimillion dollar a year business, a lot of consumers and professionals around the world are embracing a holistic approach to health and wellness as it does no harm to the body. So if you want to get involved in this kind of career, many doors to opportunities are going to open in endless ways so you can become a well-respected certified hypnotherapist. A board certification in hypnotherapy will take you places, especially if you are skilled, and you have a strong background and premier education from a respected and reputable Institute. You will not only learn to consult with clients about their everyday problems, but you will also make a positive difference on a global scale. Imagine being able to get certified and open your own practice! This is what the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute can do for you.



    There is no other place to earn a nationally and world recognized, well-respected Board Certification in the field of clinical hypnosis than the The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute. If you have the passion and commitment to help individuals achieve their optimal health and well-being, start your journey with us.
    At the AHWI you will get:

    1. The best online education money can buy
    2. Full student and customer support 24/7.
    3. Your own curriculum book and learning kit.
    4. Numerous video lessons with live one on one demonstrations to assure the latest in instruction.
    5. Diploma of graduation from the American Hypnosis Wellness Institute.
    6. Board Certification from the well-respected and world renowned American Alliance of Holistic Medicine Professionals, who has been overseeing and providing quality control in Holistic Medicine since 1977.
    7. Full year membership to the AHWI ( valued at 125.00 a year)
    8. Membership picture ID card with your specialization stating that you are a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist Practitioner.
    9. Letter of recommendation
    10. Grade transcripts
    11. 20% discount on any CEU (continued education units) offered by the AHWI or the A.
    12. Email newsletters, and free training opportunities.
    13. Discounts on the AAHMP yearly events held all over the USA and Europe.
    14. Marketing strategies and information.
    15. And most importantly, how to set up your own practice and PROFIT from it.
    Nobody offers you more!

    The American Hypnosis Wellness Institute is a non-secular accredited training college of hypnotherapy that has been serving people all over the world for 14 years. The Institute strives to offer the most extensive and thorough hypnotherapy training and internship program available.

    At American Hypnosis Wellness Institute, we believe that hypnotherapy is an incredibly compelling therapeutic technique that even a layman can learn and start helping people and changing lives today!

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